Dear Friends of Nova Vita,

I am still in awe of the support you gave to Nova Vita at our International Women’s Day Celebration last year and I wanted to express my sincere appreciation once again. I’m also very excited to give you an update from our More Than A Bed campaign. It’s been a while since that magical evening and we wanted to make sure everything was just right, especially for our clients.

As you may recall, our residential bedrooms were dark and the walls were bare. The faded curtains hung heavily, having been washed one too many times. The dressers were mismatched and missing knobs, worn down over time. There were no chairs to sit in and the only option for dirty laundry was the floor or the crib.

But because of your kindness and generosity, your willingness to give and make a difference in someone’s life, we were able to transform and revitalize 3 rooms into an oasis of comfort, beauty, warmth, and dignity. The rooms are now fresh and bright. The furniture is sturdy and new. There’s a chair to sit in and a pull out desk to write on. The laundry has its own sorting station with wheels. The walls are adorned with art and calming pictures. We have our first queen sized bed. And now there’s even a mirror. The room is literally breathtaking when you step in.

The biggest reward however, came when the first client laid eyes upon the new room this past November. She had found her way to Nova Vita with her infant in tow but still unsure of where to go, or what to do next. Our shelter staff welcomed her in and gently supported her, listened to her story with compassion, and eventually accompanied her down the hallway to her new room. As the door slowly opened before her, and with her baby in her arms, tears began to roll down her cheeks as she whispered “it’s so beautiful.”  Your gift made this possible.

Thank you for making this happen. Thank you for helping Nova Vita truly be More Than A Bed. And thank you, on behalf of the women and children we welcome into our arms each year.


Natasha Dobler,

Executive Director


If you would like to support our More Than A Bed campaign and help us revitalize more rooms at Nova Vita, please click here.