What do pillows and maternity clothes have in common?

We are in urgent need of both!




Sleep is an essential part of our health and is impacted by our surroundings, stress, and comfort levels. The women and children who stay with us are away from their homes, they are not sleeping in the comfort of their own beds and are experiencing stress in many different areas of their lives. At Nova Vita, we try to make their stay as comfortable as possible and this begins with the beds they sleep on. Last year at International Women’s Day we were able to replace most of the mattresses. When we asked for pillows on social media, the community responded with over 200 pillows flowing into the shelter in just one week!

We are now out of pillows – the pillows the women and children sleep on and then take with them as they move on in their violence-free journey. We also have a few expectant mothers in the shelter so maternity clothing is appreciated as well!

If you are able to donate new pillows or new and/or used maternity clothes, please drop them off at 59 North Park Street. 


Donations can be placed in our clothing bin 24/7, located in the driveway just past the main doors and side door. If you need assistance, please ring the intercom at the main doors Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm.

We appreciate the community support. Thank you for allowing us to continue to do the important work of offering help, hope, and healing to families in our community.