Hi there!

Welcome to Nova Vita’s first blog!    

Each day at Nova Vita, we hear and see stories that are special, unique, and empowering. We know that not everyone is able to experience these stories first-hand like our staff and volunteers do. We always get questions about what’s new at Nova Vita and what it’s like in the shelter when we’re out and about in the public. Well, in a place that houses over twenty programs and services, there is always a special story to tell.

Inside this blog, we’ll be sharing stories that will give you a special peek into Nova Vita. You can expect something new every two weeks, Wednesday mornings, around 10 a.m. (check back soon to sign up for our mailing list).

There are no shortages of stories surrounding Nova Vita. We feel inspired every day to be part of this special place and we want to share that with you. Happy reading