Dear Friends of Nova Vita,

UPDATE: Our new phone system has been installed and all is working!

Nova Vita is currently experiencing technical difficulties with our voicemail system and internal extension navigation system. We are currently unable to retrieve our voicemail messages. Additionally, when you call us on our business line, you will not be able to enter an extension number. However if a staff member answers the business line they can still redirect your call to the correct extension. If you call in and wait for the answering system to end its message, it will automatically transfer you to our crisis counsellors.

At this time, both our crisis lines and business lines are still working and only our voicemail system and internal phone extension navigation system are affected. We are currently working on fixing these issues, however we expect this disruption for the next 2-4 weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding and will notify you when our phone system is working properly again.

Alternatively, if you need to reach a staff member, you can email them directly or by sending an email to