We Can Help

Who Can We Help?


Are you a woman:

Who is feeling frightened, isolated, trapped, depressed, confused, helpless?

Do you feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells?

Does your partner hit you or your children? Force you to have sex? Threaten you or prevent you from seeing family and friends? Destroy your property? Threaten to take your children or have you deported?

Are you a man:

Who often loses his temper and lashes out at his partner?

Does your family seem anxious and scared around you?

Do you feel confused, depressed, trapped, scared, or out of control?

Do you feel that you and your partner are becoming further apart?

LGBTQ Community:

Are you in a same sex relationship and find the above questions apply to your relationship with your partner?


Are you new to Canada and having problems in your relationship? Do you need someone to talk to who can understand the difficulties you are having?

We provide services in all languages and to all cultures.

Domestic violence looks different in different families. Do you feel that in your family, both you and your partner are becoming abusive and aggressive towards each other? We can help you as well.


Women and Children

We provide safe and accessible services – from our homelike 33 – bed emergency shelter to our 8 unit transitional housing, transitional support services, court support, and counselling services.

We help you get your life back on track. We provide help, hope and healing.

Take the first step – it can change your life forever.

Free and confidential services.


We provide group and individual counselling services, parenting programs, and brief support services.

We service both mandated and voluntary men.

We offer:

  • 24 hour Crisis Telephone Line, 519-752-4357 (TTY: 519-752-2403)
  • Safe Emergency Shelter for women and children
  • Services in your language
  • Counselling and support for women, children and men
  • Transitional Support for women and children
    • housing
    • identification clinic
    • immigration/legal support
    • family law and legal aid
    • etc.
  • Referral and advocacy to gain access to ESL, healthcare and other services
  • Violence Prevention & Violence Education Outreach Programs
  • Specialized group counselling programs
  • Referrals for addictions and mental health
  • Children’s Programming
    • Early Childhood Educator on site
    • Child and Youth Counsellor
    • support and referral to community services