Teen Dating Bill of Rights

I have the right:

To always be treated with respect – In a respectful relationship, you should be treated as an equal.

To be in a healthy relationship – A heathly relationship is not controlling, manipulative or jealous. A healthy relationship involves honesty, trust and communication.

To not be hurt physically or emotionally – You should feel safe in your relationship at all times.

Abuse is never deserved and is never your fault – Conflicts should be resolved in a peaceful and rational way.

To refuse sex or affection at any time – A healthy relationship involves making consenual sexual decisions.

You have the right to not have sex – Even if you have had sex before, you have the right to refuse sex for any reason.

To have friends and activities apart from my boyfriend or girlfriend – Spending time by yourself, with male or female friends or with family is normal and healthy.

To end a relationship – You should not be harassed, threatened or made to feel guilty for ending an unhealthy relationship. You have the right to end a relationship for any reason you choose.


I pledge to:

always treat my boyfriend or girlfriend with respect.

never hurt my boyfriend or girlfriend physically, verbally or emotionally.

respect my girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s decisions concerning sex and affection.

not be controlling or manipulative in my relationship.

accept responsibility for myself and my actions.


Teen Dating Bill of Rights